The Group

Linking Indy Women started with the idea that women are inspirational. Each of us has a story to tell. We have the ability to share life and businesses experiences in a unique way that can uplift and motivate each other. We are innately caring, strong, and determined.

I had been to networking events in the past and left feeling like I wanted more from the experience. I wanted to connect and build business relationships on a deeper level. I set out on a journey to create an open group that would meet once a month. A come as you are, business casual, dress for success, or wear your running gear type of events that would focus on getting real with each other.

Each month approximately 60 women get together to hear an inspiring woman in business in Indy share her story with us. We leave the event with real connection, encouragement, advice, strategy, and most importantly, inspiration.

Today, Linking Indy Women has over 900 women who have joined the journey.  The mission is simple: we inspire women by sharing personal stories, connecting, and providing real business experiences. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your inspiring story.

~Sarah Lacey, Founder of Linking Indy Women